Buy something 100% sustainable

You heard it! Right here on you can buy a 100% sustainable sweater. Do you go for an urban design or do you prefer a classy look? Have a look in our store and join the wolfpack today!

Home delivery

After ordering your product at our shop, we immediately begin to prepare your order. While you are discovering the world, the mailman is on his way with your parcel!

Wear it with pride

Show the world that you are sustainable, show them that you are a wolf! 

1 year

After 1 year we will give you the possibility to return your sweater for free. If you choose to keep the sweater, that’s also perfectly fine for us 😉

Return it for free

If you choose to return your sweater, you will receive a packaging label via e-mail. Be sustainable and look around for a used box. Almost everyone buys stuff in stores or on the internet in boxes, why not simply reuse one of those? Just stick the label on the box and bring it to the nearest post office!


The returned sweaters are sent to WMH. They resell the sweaters in their local second-hand store or to OVAM-certified textile recycling companies. WMH invests the profit of this business in projects such as education, orphan houses, water wells, … to help third world countries.

Your Wolven product is 100% sustainble! 🌱

Discount on the next one

As a “thank you” for being sustainable, you will receive a discount coupon after returning the sweater. In that way you get a discount on your next purchase!