Frequently Asked Questions

After submitting your order, we will send you an e-mail which confirms your order. Expect an average delivery lead time of 3 business days. Due to unforeseen circumstances, delivery lead times can sometimes be longer. We do our best to get your items as fast as possible to your doorstep!

We offer free shipping on all products.

Our returns policy is very simple, there are three options:

  1. You chose the wrong size? Easy. You shoot us an e-mail (within 30 days of receiving your order) and you will be able to return the item for free, after ordering the correct size. When we receive your original item(s), we will refund you as fast as possible.
  2. You are not satisfied with your item(s) and you simply want to return them without choosing another product? It is possible to return your product within 30 days of receiving your order but you will have to cover the shipping costs of the return. When we receive your item(s), we will refund you as fast as possible.
  3. Your sweater is almost 1 year old and you want to join the sustainable wolfpack? No worries, 1 year after your order you will receive an email with further instructions on how to return your sweater in the most sustainable way. Once we received it, you will get a coupon  for a price-reduction on your next Wølven-product!
To register a return please send us a message via the contact form on this website. Please include your order reference number and your reason of return.

Do you have questions about the concept of Wølven? How can I be sustainable by buying a Wølven-product? All the information you need can be found at the Journey-page.